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A compliance report and market assessment

containing extensive data and benchmarks

about your own practice's relevance to:


Health Systems



What have physicians said about Physician Analytics?

Board Certified Ophthalmologist - This assessment has many potential uses:

Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist - A thorough comprehensive study of my practice:

Orthopaedic Practice Manager (6 surgeons) - We now can obtain our own "audited" data:

Board Certified Family Practitioner, Chairman, Department of Primary Care - At first glance, it appeared to contain data which we routinely obtain from hospitals. Upon a more thorough review, it was apparent that it contained significantly more data and benchmarks than we have ever received.

Board Certified Family Practitioner - For physicians considering changing groups or relocating, it's an efficient means to summarize and substantiate major characteristics of their hospital practice to prospective groups or health systems. Also, Physician Analytics provides an opportunity to review data, ascribed to your practice, which placement firms and panels may use to describe and/or assess your past performance. One erroneously coded discharge can drastically effect LOS profiles.

Physician Analytics

Physician Analytics is a new Compliance Report and market assessment offered by HMS Associates to physician and physician groups. Compliance Reports provide you with your own data and a penetrating analysis of your inpatient and ambulatory surgery practice patterns, and your significance to your hospitals, communities and payers. Using authoritative data from licensed facilities, HMS extracts information relevant to your practice, and provides unique and useful insights specific to you.

Physician Analytics provides data on admissions, procedures, physicians, and other indicators for your individual practice and offers a comparison with other physicians at your hospital or ambulatory surgery center, in your region, and across the state. Demand analyses provide data and norms for assessing the potential for growth and identifying underutilized services.

Physicians Analytics Compliance Reports utilize inpatient and ambulatory surgery data on attending, referring and operating physicians covering all payers and all licensed facilities in selected states. The Compliance Reports emphasize health care system analyses and as such are improvements over many existing reports that provide data and analyses only on a particular hospital, payer or practitioner. Compliance benchmarks are based upon a more extensive and comprehensive set of data, over 2 million records per year in selected states, and hence less subject to bias and standard error. The Compliance Report can be used to demonstrate your practice's:

1. Importance to your hospital or health system both as an admitter and revenue generator

2. Efficiency relative to your use of resources as measured by length of stay and charges by DRG

3. Importance to your community as a source of medical care

4. Principal geographic market, market share, and competitors or colleagues

5. Emerging and potentially saturated geographic markets

6. Quality of care as measured by volume thresholds

7. Importance of payers and their relative importance to your practice

8. Data in statewide databases.

Predictably, physicians' own records are often at variance with the data in the state database. Yet, many of the analyses have relevance by providing benchmarks from which you can review your own performance. For example, "norms" on ALOS, operating room time and number of secondary procedures, and charges by DRG or procedure by hospital, county and region, unmet demand by procedure and market share provide insights on your practice and may help you negotiate better with hospitals, payers, better manage your practice and better plan for expansion of services.

The source data set is becoming more accessible to the general public. In one state, an internet site offers a listing of selected surgical procedures, the names of physicians who have performed them in state licensed facilities, and the number of procedures each physician has performed.

In these days of explosive growth in physician specific information, we strongly believe that physicians need their own capacity to verify or refute what may be said about them.

Physicians or physician groups in New York, Florida or Washington state, interested in receiving sample materials regarding Physician Analytics are invited to complete the form below and transmit it to HMS Associates. We will provide you with sample data regarding your practice within one week of the receipt of the request for information. Physicians who belong to county medical societies should check with those societies to determine if Physician Analytics is an approved membership benefit program.

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Please note that HMS will contact your office to verify this request prior to sending this material to you.

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