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Description of Firm

HMS Associates
Gregory Bonk, President

A Getzville, New York-based consultation firm, HMS Associates specializes in network development, health related care analyses, and multi-organizational development. Our clients include clinics, community organizations, state and local government, community mental health agencies, academic medical centers, private practitioners, group practices and award-winning rural hospitals.

HMS Associates was founded by Greg Bonk to assist rural communities and special needs service providers in managing change through collaborative efforts. He has worked with organizations in the northeast and south over the past twenty years in a variety of capacities. He has made presentations on network development at meetings of the National Rural Health Association, American Hospital Association, and in Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, and West Virginia. HMS has pioneered the development of methodologies for capitation forecasting of Medicaid special needs populations and Physician Analytics, a provider compliance benching marking system.

HMS Associates was established in 1990 and Greg has been an adjunct instructor at the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences since 1988 and has authored and contributed to many reports and publications on health related issues.

Qualifications and Expertise


A. Organizational restructuring, development, or redesign

B. Knowledge of human services system, state managed care policy and state and local government structure

New York's Human Service System

State Managed Care Policy

Managed Care/Information Systems

Local Government Structure

C. Skilled in developing a sequential framework for ensuring timely deliverables

All of the above referenced projects required the development of workprograms and completion of such within agreed upon time tables which ranged from three month to three years. Virtually all of these projects involved multiple participants and synchronization of schedules and deliverables. Several projects involved schedule adjustments associated with changes in state mandated time frames.

D. Ability to work closely with leadership throughout project duration and modify project scope as appropriate and necessary

The vast majority of HMS' projects involve association or network leadership and advisory committees. For example, we developed as Core Database with the Western New York Hospital Association to be used by eleven of its members in completing state mandated hospital community service planning responsibilities. The Core Database was tailored to needs of the association and participating members. Other network responsibilities involved as many as over 100 organizations or as "few" as six. We believe that we have an uncommon capacity for finding common ground among organizations which in other arenas are fierce competitors. We are an unbiased neutral party with a track record of identifying win-win-win scenarios for multi-organizational networks. In one instance we helped a large coalition move from spending hours disagreeing over the contents of minutes to implementing a electronic centralized information system.

Part of our success at meeting deliverable responsibilities lies in the flexibility we bring to our clients. For example the first step of any process involves the review of contractual workplan and modification as needed. We do not move until consensus is present. And we recognize that consensus often changes as external forces pivotal to success change. The priority and capacity assessment component of our work plans provides the framework within which course corrections can be made without having to start from scratch. If we find external forces to be unpredictable, we tailor our services to deliverables which strengthen our clients abilities to function under different scenarios.

E. Ability to work aggressively and prudently within budgetary constraints during project development

We have obtained certification approval from the New York State Public Health Council after lower levels of review, the New York State Hospital Review and Planning Council, and the Western New York Health Systems Agency recommended disapproval. Neither party sought a hearing on the proposed decision of the Council which favored our client.

Our services are on-time and within budget. We have never sought additional charges for contractual deliverables.

F. Resourcefulness and enterprising approach to project development and completion

HMS has been involved in many "firsts" and obtained funds for our clients essential for project implementation

HMS Associates
Suite B, Box 374
2280 Millersport Highway,
Getzville, NY 14068
Tel. (716) 688 - 8448
Fax (716) 688 - 0395


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