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Hospital Reconfiguration Services

I. Community Needs and Reconfiguration Impacts

Community oriented report on health care facility need and relevance


Hospital specific report which describes and validates a facility's critical contributions to their community and the potential impacts of facility reconfiguration. This is the first step in defining your hospital's potential roles as a developer and operator of responsive relevant health care service systems.

Component 1. Community Health Services Partner

This component examines the health care needs of the community and the hospital's role in meeting current and future community health needs.

Component 2. Hospital as Economic and Social Capital

This component details the hospital's economic and social capital in the community.

Component 3. Need for the Hospital

Community need for the hospital as an acute care facility is examined through an extensive statistical analysis of the hospital's market areas and its role in meeting acute care needs.

Component 4. Reconfiguration Impact

Findings on community health needs, economic and social relevance and acute care relevance are summarized and, most importantly, the potential community impact of reconfiguration on acute care needs and costs is portrayed.

Fees and Deliverable

This exhibit depicts hospitals identified for reconfiguration in New York State in the Final Report of the New York State Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century, December, 2006. As the map indicates New York State hospital inpatient use varies significantly by zip code community. Consequently the impact of acute care bed reconfiguration must be examined at that level.

Contact Gregory Bonk, President, HMS Associates for a high resolution pdf file of this map which allows you to more closely examine your area of the state or to obtain other information on the complete package of hospital reconfiguration services.

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